In The News – Exciting Announcement

WMPG founder Rod Russell has taken full control, buying out other family members.

Rod and Shana Russell have completed a buyout of Russell and Lee family members in WMPG’s Margaret River abattoir, meaning the couple now have 100% ownership of all group assets. The couple have announced plans to expand the Margaret River facility to 400 head a day. Under the plan, the site will be bolstered with significant chiller capacity upgrades and other fit outs to accommodate developing export market prospects.

The upgrade is expected to create a 100 more jobs.

WMPG chief executive Andrew Fuda said such a positive investment by the founders signalled an exciting stage in teh beef company’s future.

Getting Men to Appreciate Meat

Here is a flashback to the Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) marketing campaign from 2016 as part of the consumer nutrition program aimed at cementing beef and lamb as key pillars of a nutritionally balanced diet, especially with younger Australians and men.

The campaign was called – The Trinity Experiment – as an online ‘mockumentary’ style story about a set of triplets, separated at birth and raised under incredibly similar circumstances, with the only difference being their diets.

One child is raised on a diet of meat only, the second child on green vegetables only and the third on a healthy balanced diet featuring beef and lamb.  The campaign shows the experiment over 30 years and highlights how a healthy balanced diet featuring red meat as an important component helps get the best out of individuals.

Younger Australians and males are important target audiences for future-proofing red meat consumption, especially as research has shown an increase in men shopping and preparing meals.

The purpose of this campaign was to create informative and amusing content that the target audience will engage with and that supports a healthy balanced diet.

Do you think they achieved this?

Keeping In Touch With Industry Standards

Western Meat Packers Group are committed to having their staff up to speed with product knowledge and training. Thanks to the MLA, WMPG have been updating their skills with MSA training. This training ensures our staff maintain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the MSA system. This MSA training program followed the training code of practice and our staff do a mixture of theory and practical application to the learning.

Training modules are being implemented for all participants in the MSA supply chain.