Retail Ready Packaged Meats

New Offering For Our Export Market Partners

WMPG is delighted to introduce an offering for our export market partners in supplying Margaret River Fresh (MRF) retail ready packed meats. We have been at the forefront of this trend in Australia and have watched this retail methodology attain market acceptance thanks to our retail partnerships domestically.
Over the last decade we have grown the domestic business of MRF retail ready packed meats into the largest proportion of shelf space available in meat department outlets.

As we have learnt, by investing in retail ready packed meats, we are able to attract a strong loyalty and market penetration for our Margaret River Fresh brand and not just the generic meat category.

We invite international market partners to grow with us in offering retail ready packaged Margaret River Fresh to your consumers.
Margaret River Fresh is an awarded, well known Western Australia brand offering that his highly recognisable and marketable.

To assist export market partners, we have developed exclusive and export special brands from our domestic best sellers being:

From specially branded cartons through to fridge shelf talkers and point of sale materials, we have developed a suite of marketing resources to assist you with market penetration amongst your shoppers.

Click the links below for our range export branding resources.

Carton BrandingPromotional Fridge Shelf StripsPromotional In Store WallsProduct Sticker RangeBig BBQ Beef Range

For more information, please contact our Export Sales Manager Lui Rinaldi by email or phone +61 8 9241 4600

Please note that we are willing to work one to one in producing customised in store marketing material to assist with market acceptance.