Certified Organic Beef

Certified Organic Beef

As awareness of mindful meat eating grows, the demand for clean, green, eating beef is ever increasing. At Margaret River Fresh we produce premium, flavoursome, certified organic beef.  Our certified organic beef animals are fattened on natural, chemical-free pastures free from hormones, antibiotics, or feed containing unnatural, or genetically modified organisms.

We have been working with our local communities for over 30 years, and care passionately about our reputation and the quality of our product. We source our beef from providers in WA and pristine Margaret River beef-producing areas, who comply with strict accreditation standards for certified organic beef.

The location of these farms enables our providers to use low-stress, stock handling methods: including moving their stock every few days to rich, fertile pastures and fresh water. These management practices ensure that cattle are quiet and contented.

We also source our beef from high-quality, biodynamic cattle that are grown in modern, biological farming systems. Sustainable and natural agricultural resources are used to develop fertile, humus-rich, structured soils in which micro-organisms flourish to produce a premium, clean, green product.

All growers and providers of our organic beef must be certified.

We do not use providers that use synthetic pesticides and herbicides, reproductive or growth hormones, veterinary pharmaceuticals, artificial fertilizers, genetically modified organisms and force-fed grains or other prohibited substances or processes under the accreditation guidelines.

The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia Ltd. (NASAA) has certified Western Meat Packers Group as an official processor of organic beef.

Our fully accredited, world-class, state-of-the-art, metropolitan facilities, close to the transport hubs and infrastructure of Perth are certified and accredited to handle organic beef, and have certified handling programs in place.

Our certification registration number is 6344P.

From growing, to transportation, to processing and production, our certified organic beef meets the required, stringent standards required for accreditation. We pride ourselves on the quality and flavour of our homegrown produce. From the farm to you our products are managed with respect and integrity to provide high-quality, memorable and clean green eating beef.

Once you taste the difference, you will never go back to anything else.

Cert No 6344P