Grain Fed Beef

100 Day Grain-Fed Australian Beef

WMPG has been delighting our domestic and international clients for over 30 years with our high-quality, grain-fed, Australian beef.  Our experience and dedication has led to the Margaret River Fresh brand becoming recognised as a sought-after market leader in premium beef. Sourced from Western Australia’s best Euro British breeders, our cattle are grain-fed for 120 days to increase marbling.

Our grain fed beef is graded to meet exacting Meat Standards Australia (MSA) conditions that measure the quality of the marbling, maturity, meat and fat colour which underpins the eating quality. MSA grading provides an eating experience that is predictably more consistent, delivering assurance to consumers of a quality product that is the perfect choice for restaurants, supermarkets, or food services requiring premium-quality beef.

Additionally, our 100 Day Grain-Fed Australian Beef is:

  • produced from 100% hand selected cattle
  • grain-fed for 100 Days
  • marbled for flavour
  • fed on high energy grain ration
  • graded for taste & consistency
  • aged for consistent tenderness
  • MSA accredited.

Our strict feeding regime, and chilling and grading processes, combine with optimum ageing of our prime cuts to maximise the flavour and tenderness of our produce. The results are a more consistent product that will satisfy your customer’s expectations of the highest-quality, premium beef taste, and eating experience.