Perth Meat Export (PME)

The Perth Meat Export (PME) Brand is a flagship brand owned and developed by Western Meat Packers Group (WMPG). The integrated services of the WMPG offers the best of both worlds: being product sourced and grown in the rich agricultural regions of Western Australia and produce prepared, packed and freighted from the state of the art, metropolitan Perth facilities, close to transport hubs and Perth infrastructure.

PME is a brand that has a long legacy of producing safe, quality beef for customers far and wide. Chilled product has been exported to 6 different countries namely Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, The Middle East and Indonesia.

The PME brand is well known for its select premium grade beef offerings – ensuring customers are satisfied with the suitability and eating quality of the produce. WMPG has been proudly family owned since 1983 and over the years has become adept at sourcing livestock from local farmers who can be trusted to provide PME with quality, nutritious beef.

By remaining family owned and by adhering to our traditional values, WMPG employs its own buyers to source only the best quality livestock. Our buyers’ research and travel to recommended, and agent sponsored sale yards around Western Australia. Store cattle are background checked prior to purchase and are then placed into a carefully monitored feeding regime to ensure they reach required market weights.

WMPG has worked hard over the years to develop a continuity of supply with trusted and reliable breeders, growers and lot feeders.  The PME brand is the beneficiary of the latest technologies to ensure the quality of the produce we deliver to our customers is of an impeccable standard.

Confidence and Quality

Western Meat Packers Group (WMPG) prides itself in consistently producing a quality assured meat product that delivers taste and nutrition to an increasingly discerning consumer.

Satisfying our customer requirements is the driving force in our operation. We always strive to provide leading customer service through our individual approach and attitudes. We offer our customers a broad variety of grades and cuts and remain flexible to meet innovative and tailored specifications.

The Australian Department of Agriculture is fully involved on a day to day basis with our operations and all of our premises enjoy export status. Our facilities are licensed for North America and all major meat-importing countries, which enables the company to process up to 400 cattle per day.

These initiatives are underpinned by a progressive HACCP program and AUS-MEAT certification to the standard of ‘A’ +. Our prestigious British Retail consortium global food standards accreditation enables us to supply the major retail chains.