Premium Australian Angus Beef

WMPG takes great pride in introducing Premium Australian Angus Beef to their Margaret River Fresh family.

Angus is the most widespread and keenly sought after temperate beef breed in the world and is recognised for their ability to consistently produce the finest high quality beef.

Our Margaret River Fresh range of Angus Beef is grown in the lush south west region of WA where the temperate climate is ideal for high quality beef production.  The Angus range is well known for its exceptional flavour and finely marbled texture. The superior marbling trait typically creates a more tender, juicy and flavourful meat experience.  We use only the world’s best genetics to breed quality, grain and or grass fed West Australian Beef cattle for the domestic and international markets.

Our Angus beef is graded to meet exacting Meat Standards Australia (MSA) conditions that measure the quality of the marbling, age, weight, meat-colour and fat-colour of beef products. MSA grading provides an eating experience that is predictably more consistent, delivering assurance to consumers of a quality product that is the perfect choice for restaurants, supermarkets, or food services requiring premium-quality beef.

Additionally, our Premium Australian Angus Beef is:

  • free of hormone growth promotants
  • produced from 100% Black Angus Cattle
  • marbled for flavour
  • fed on high energy rations
  • graded for taste & consistency • sourced from Margaret River region young cattle
  • wet-aged for consistent tenderness
  • fully MSA accredited.

Our strict feeding regime, and chilling and grading processes, combine with optimum ageing of our prime cuts to maximise the flavour and tenderness of our produce. The results are a more consistent product that will satisfy your customer’s expectations of the highest-quality, premium beef taste, and eating experience.