WMPG the Employer of Choice

By 8th May 2024News

WMPG has been providing a world-class service and quality products to all of its customers since 1983.

Consequently, our need for quality employees is constant and if you have what it takes to meet our criteria we are always happy to meet you.

Our commitment to eliminate safety hazards in the work place is parallel to our commitment to the exacting standards expected of us with regard to the relevant accreditations demanded by government agencies and our clients alike. As part of that commitment, we recognise our responsibility to constantly strive for good corporate citizenship.

The Western Meat Packers Group is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable work place for all our employees with a constant emphasis on the standard of training needed to ensure optimum functions.

To let us know about your desire to join us – please send a confidential email outlining your experience and contact details to recruitment@wmpg.com.au